Monday, October 12, 2015

East Hampton's

Okay Okay Okay!...I know I'm like a month late on these photos ONLY because, I do have a child lol. Anyways enough with the excuses during our trip to the East Coast we wanted to visit the ever so famous East Hampton's. Did you see Part 1 and 2 of our Vlogs? Now we only stood 1 night because we had so much more to see, but man was it worth the extra 4 hour detour. I mean look at this town it's super charming and beautiful! Everywhere you turned was such a pretty sight and don't even get me started on the House's!!! Let's just say they looked like they were straight out of a movie.
We came across this beautiful Ralph Lauren store and I almost just died with it's charming small town feel. If I could I would've moved in. I made a promise to myself and my son that we will be back to vacation there during the summers. 

Hat:Urban Outfitters
Top:Fashion Nova
Pants:House of CB
Short: NBD Clothing


  1. We saw your vlogs!! So sweet! Love the outfit! & places with the small town feeling!!

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  3. Adoro il tuo look!!!!

  4. I like the look with the skirt!

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