Monday, September 2, 2013

My New Affordable Favorites

Happy Labor Day Dolls!!! I wanted to take the time and show you a few of my favorite pieces I just added to my closet. I will be taking these items with me to New York Fashion Week 2013, so I wanted to share these favorites with you. Fall has always been known for hats, scarves, and lots of layers to keep warm. This fall season I wanted to find a hat I can wear all the time, and since I love black & gold this hat from Target that you can find Here and Here matched what I was looking for. The black & gold chain makes this hat elegant and very Chanel inspired. Pair this with a fitted blazer and your outfit will scream chic! 

I also wanted to pick up some booties to walk around the city with, so when I found these bad boys from Charlotte Russe I admittedly thought of the Chloe booties. These Chloe inspired studded triple buckle booties you can find Here and Here are so comfortable and will make any outfit stand out. What are some of your favorite pieces for fall?