Friday, February 19, 2016

Grand Central Market

I just love Downtown LA do you? I recently went shopping at Grand Central Market. I was so inspired by all the yummy colorful fruits and vendors, I decided to share with you all what I wore while shopping. I get asked so many times "do your feet hurt" and "you've been in your heels all day, you're not tired"? To answer those questions, no I'm not!

Being comfortable is extremely important from everything to the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. So when I'm shopping that doesn't change. I wore this comfy  off the shoulder top and paired it with these  hi waist shorts  in black. This whole outfit was not only fun and flirty, but very appropriate for a day of shopping. Of course just like the questions I get... yes, I was wearing heels. These sandals are very comfortable because the heels are chucky and I don't have my toes closed in, so nothing is putting pressure on them. 

So when you're shopping or running errands remember you don't have to look a hot mess you can still look put together and comfy. 





Stay Beautiful,

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Date at the Cafe

 Valentine's Day is over what did you wear? If you're like me and you needed to simply turn any day look into a night look (because nobody has time to go home and change) then this is the perfect little outfit for you!

 I recently tried these new Hi-Waist-Skinny Jeans and fell in love with them. The fit is so flattering on any body type because they suck you in, in all the right places which is awesome! Am I right? I wore a textured knit bodysuit with a cropped black blazer for a "casual office vibe" for during the day.

If you're going to the movies or dinner for your date night then I got you covered!
I took off my blazer to reveal my body suit and paired it with tasseled lace-up sandals for an instant date night appropriate outfit. You still will look sexy, but not like you tried super hard.

I hope I helped you find the perfect fit of Jeans. Make sure you head over to Charlotte Russe Instagram to enter in their Giveaway!


Stay Beautiful,
Roxy Limon