Thursday, April 17, 2014

Outfit of the Day: Spring Floral

Spring is here and although it already feels like summer maybe because I already took my summer vacation a few days ago.If you dolls follow me on Instagram/RoxyLimon or Twitter/roxy_limon you know I just came back from Costa Rica the land of the palm tress and volcano's.
Which brings me to this beautiful summer dress by 
Asha Mia I'm loving this beauty for the simple fact that I can where this dress during the day and turn it into a night dress as well.While I was in Costa Rica our tour guide was explaining to us about the palm trees.Heres a little history lesson.Costa Rica grows palm trees to make palm oil which is used for food products, detergent, and cosmetics.Palm tress can also inspire a design like this palm tree leaf dress. As for accessories I was inspired to wear my monogram earrings from Onecklace that I wore everyday of my trip. I'm a sucker for all things simplistic. 
What inspires you?  

Stay Beautiful,