Monday, August 25, 2014

Be Creative Be Inspired...

Good Afternoon dolls, this week I was challenged by The Style Club to style this tee by Hanna Beth X The Style Club. Challenge excepted! For this collection Hanne was inspired by Rock N Roll and just having fun. I decided I wanted to do the same! This "Wild Child" tee is very edgy, so I thought it would be awesome to make it slightly feminine by adding a beautiful girlie tulle skirt by Space 46 Boutique and my current favorite watch by Daniel Wellington (use discount code) "roxylimon" for 15% off on all products at

I find it more fun when excepting a challenge to do a mini photo shoot instead of a regular "Outfit of the Day" post.  I headed to a local bakery bought some cute cup cakes and started shooting. I love how the edginess of the tee-shirt came out somewhat feminine by adding simple things like tulle and cup cakes. Sometimes all it takes is a little imagination and some  willingness to take photos in a crowed bakery to get the job done! Make sure you check out The Style Club.Com and vote for my look. 

Stay Beautiful,

#OOTD Fashion & Beauty Blogger/Vlogger

Hi dolls, I wanted to talk about the struggle between both blogging and vlogging. As most of you already know I have a Fashion Blog which if you're reading this then you know all about it "AllThingsRoxy", and a YouTube Channel "RoxyLimon24" where I talk All Things Fashion! Coming from the YouTube community and venturing into blogging I find it increasingly harder to define both worlds.

As a Fashion & Beauty Vlogger on YouTube I find that I can be more personable with you dolls and connect on a different level. I love to answer your questions and I feel like you know a little more about my personal life through my Travel Vlogs (HERE  and HERE), My Style LookBooks, and my How To Style videos. I really enjoy meeting and engaging with you beauties (pic down below) because it reminds me how important every single one of you guys are to me. As much as I love all of that I also have a huge LOVE for FASHION!

Which brings me to my next topic my blog where I can show you Outfit of The Day or anything fashion related. On my blog I get to instantly share things that I'm currently loving instead of waiting to film a video. If you read my blog you know that I share a different side of me that typically digs deeper into The Fashion Industry, and for this reason it is less personable. 

With that being said, I really enjoy doing both for you loves. Let me know if you love to read my blog or do you like to watch my videos? 

Photos by: Ryan Chua
Stay Beautiful,