Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My Birthday Wish List for Vacation


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        9.  10. 

Last night my boyfriend and I booked our flights to the beautiful Costa Rica for my birthday, we leave 3/28 a few days after my birthday which is 3/24. I can't even explain how excited I am for this trip…eek! I wanted to put together a post of a few items I want and need for my trip, so as I'm shopping I can keep these items in mind.

1. Charlotte Russe-  Slit Pointy Toe Flats
2. Rachel ZoeSnakeskin Sandal
3. Charlotte Russe- Gladiator Sandal
4. Guess by Marciano- Faux Leather Necklace
5. Bobbi Brown- The Lola Sunglasses      
6.Topshop- Tote Bag
7. Triangl Swimwear- Winnie Arizona Sunset
8.Charlotte Russe- Sheer Floral Kimono
9.  Charlotte Russe- Lace Trim Chiffon Shorts
10. Charlotte Russe- Dropped Waist Skater Dress

                                                          Stay Beautiful,