Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Liam's 1st Birthday Party + B-day Decor

Hi babes!!! I know it's been a month since Liam's 1st Birthday and I haven't posted these photos, but please be nice I have been so busy lately with lots and lots of content coming your way.

Anyway, now on to what matters my baby's 1st birthday party! Wow dolls seriously, I can't believe a year has flown by (mind blown). I remember when I was just announcing our pregnancy (Click here to take a trip down memory lane)  and watch it all unfold from the start of our journey as becoming first time parents.

Where to start so much went wrong on this day I don't even know where to begin.  April 30th (Liam's actual birthday is on April 27th) we woke up with rain...yeah rain! I mean the entire week we had nice weather and all of a sudden "The Rain God" wants to hit us on my sons birthday really?! Of course I wanted to be the brave one telling Javi, "no we don't need a tent". Javi was totally stressing out, I was trying to think positive mean while I'm receiving text messages from people canceling. I'm also thinking we spent all this money on food, so people better show up lol The party must go on! 
Thankfully the rain stopped at around 10:00am so the party wasn't totally ruined.  

Liam's theme was All Things Liam he loves balloons, bright colors and Sophie the giraffe books. We had two cakes because we wanted Liam to have a "smash cake" then of course one for our guest. Liam's cake display was beautiful! I didn't want all this candy for the kids, so I just did candy bags with yummy snakes with very little candy.
Sweet and Saucy came though for your girl! I love their cakes not only do they taste amazing they also look AMAZING! 

We basically forgot the knife for the cake cutting, so we went ghetto style and cut the cake with dental floss and a pocket knife...yikes! Thank god for my cousins cake decorating class. The party must go on!

I have to thank my mom for this amazing balloon ladder she pulled off. Thanks mom! I showed her a picture and when I told her someone wanted to charge me $400 for them to do it she said, "are you crazy? I'll do it". To be honest I was going to call it quites before she even started, but I trusted her and it looked better than I can ever imagine. Too bad it didn't stay like this very long the wind blow it and all the pretty baby's breath kept flying away. The party must go on!    

I need to give myself a little credit on this. I painted 12 wooden block boxes each by hand. Yeah call me Martha Stewart!

Although it was raining we had a very good turn out of over 100 people. Yes, thats a little excessive for a 1st birthday, but you can't blame me I have 32 first cousins and were all very close. 

None the less the party was a hit and I couldn't be any more proud of how it turned out. I wanted to Thank all my Family & Friends that came and for your continues Love & Support you show my family and myself! We love each and everyone off you!
To our son: Liam you have brighten up our life with so much LOVE your dad and I both LOVE you unconditionally. We can't wait to watch you grow into a beautiful, loving, caring and smart young man. We work so hard to give you the life you deserve, so you know to shoot for the moon. We LOVE you honey!

Stay Beautiful,