Saturday, May 7, 2011

Accessory must haves for summer : Sunglasses & Head Bands

If you are in the LA area you know how hot these summers can get? Cool down with a nice pair of shades and a cute head band to match. These big over sized sunglasses can cost you almost nothing whether you want to pay $10.00 all the way to $100.00 there is something for everyone. This particular pair is a Marc By Marc Jacobs Butterfly frame will only cost you $85.00 at Nordstrom. This adorable rope head band wont break the wallet with a whopping $3.80 at Forever 21. You can stay cool with your shades and stylish with your head band. You will for sure turn heads! Whats your favorite summer accessory?   


  1. My fav summer thing iz short shorts!!:)

    Ummm whats in for 10-15 year olds right now??!!

    Can u do a blogg on Selena Gomez??!!

  2. Hi, Jewel since your asking whats good for 10-15 year olds my pick would be flip flops. Try to find something very stylish some that have rhinestones or even jewels on them.

    I can definitely do something on Selena Gomez for my younger readers. Thank you for taking the time to write me...always Roxy


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