Monday, November 11, 2013

Hats on at The RACES

Breeder's Cup 2013 was in full swing starting November 1st through the 2nd. Every year the women that attend the horse races always turn heads with their elegant hat designs. This day was no different! I wore a hat designed by Christine A. Moore the Breeder's Cup official milliner for 2013. This unique design will be sure to turn heads.

As for my outfit I wanted to go with something a little different then your typical summer dress.  I  went with this long sleeve houndstooth blouse from Lulus and added a black scarf tie to make it more appropriate for the races. I paired this top with a faux leather skirt also from Lulus for a modern chic look. 

Photos by: Mary-Kate
Make-up by:Evelyn


  1. These photos are beautiful Roxy! Love your modern take on horse race style. Thanks for joining us :)

  2. You look so cool, I would never know how to wear that kind of hat but you really pulled it off :)

  3. Loved them photos Roxy tooo cute <3