Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My Epic 48 Hour Music Festival

I was given an epic 48 hour challenge with the New Secret Destination Collection in the scents: Paris Romantic Rose, Brazil Rainforest Mist and Hawaii Citrus Breeze. I will take you through a music festival packing tips and how to prepare. Although all these smell wonderful theres no need to bring all three. Tip 1. Choose your favorite mine would have to be the Brazil Rainforest Mist it has a lovely freshness about it. Tip 2. When packaging for any trip pack travel size items or anything that can get pass the 3.0 oz at the airport. These Secret Destination deodorants pass at 2.6 oz yay! lol. Tip 3. When attending any music festivals or outside events never leave your house/hotel room without one in your bag. Refreshing is key when being in the sun and yes they're 48 hour wear, but it never hurts to add more especially during a music festival.

Tip 4. When preparing for any festival making sure you have the right sunglasses to protect your eyes is extremely important. Staying cool and refreshed is a way to make your epic 48hour last. Tip 5. Having the right deodorant that not only smells good, but is invisible solid is a must. These Secret Destination deodorants do just that. They're completely invisible and when I wear them they make me feel as if I were in Paris, Brazil and Hawaii. For the latest #Epic48 content check out: www.Instagram.com/SecretDeodorant & https://twitter.com/secretdeodorant    
FTC disclosure: "Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Secret through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about Secret, all options are my own."

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